Why London

Welcome to London! The United Kingdom’s capital city is also the largest urban zone in the European Union.

A vibrant metropolis with 8.2 million inhabitants, London has a diverse range of peoples, cultures and religions with more than 300 languages spoken within its boundaries! London offers a multitude of opportunities for employment, culture, education, social and sporting activities. The city is filled with parks and gardens which make it one of Europe’s ‘greenest’ cities.

Getting around is easy as this great city is home to the London Underground which is the oldest and most extensive underground railway network in the world. Arriving in London is also very convenient with three major airports, Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick and well as Luton and London City Airport.

EazyCity Statement on Brexit

The school and my teacher were simply terrific! It was a very good experience, I learnt a lot and it was fun at the same time. Thanks!
Vivian, 46
Hamburg, Germany
I loved my experience in London. Simona and Sandrine from the EazyCity office supported me during my entire stay.
Kathi, 24
Munich, Germany
I have come to London to study and look for a job. EazyCity booked a course and helped me to find a good job, thank you Eazy!
Francesca, 26
Naples, Italy
I booked my room and English course with EazyCity and enjoyed very much my experience. The staff was very kind and helpful, thank you!
Antonio, 27
Florence, Italy
I was looking for a professional experience abroad and thanks to the EazyCity team I'm working in Ireland now!
Justin, 21
Toulouse, France
The EazyCity London team provided me a great support to help me prepare for the job interviews. I was very happy with the service.
Chiara, 28
Milan, Italy
When I came to London my English was very poor. I started my first internship in a restaurant thanks to EazyCity, now I have a job!
Ciro, 22
Bari, Italy
My house was in a good location and close to the tube. I really enjoyed my experience in London with EazyCity.
Morgane, 25
Paris, France
I recommend EazyCity for the great support on arrival, the flexible conditions and the friendly staff, Thanks for the experience!
Andrea, 30
Rome, Italy

Useful Information

Exam Preparation Courses (Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL)

Cambridge University Certificates (British Council) These certificates are mainly used within the UK but they are also accepted in many universities outside of the UK. In contrast to many other certificates, the Cambridge certificates do not expire.

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English Levels from A1 to C2

The Council of Europe introduced the Common European Framework (CEFR), divide learners into six different levels: A1 Beginner, A2 Elementary, B1 Intermediate, B2 Vantage or Upper Intermediate, C1 Advanced and C2 Mastery or Proficiency.

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The National Insurance Number is a code that you need in order to pay the National Insurance Contribution and qualify for the benefits that this includes (such as the State Pension).

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Documents Required in UK

Enjoy our funny video about the documents you need while living in UK

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Uk Plugs and Sockets

Enjoy our funny video about the UK plugs and sockets. Don't panic if you cant charge your phone... we are here to help you when you arrive :)

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