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15 Aug

Foodies Festival has started!

Today, August 15th, the Foodies Festival starts in London, and it will last until Sunday.

It is the UK’s largest celebration of food and drink, and each year tens-of-thousands of visitors gather from the surrounding areas to feast on a vast array of culinary activities, with a great view of the iconic Battersea Power Station. Around 25,000 people are expected to attend this year, which just goes to show the popularity of London's restaurants. 

Cooking is made to look easy thanks to demos from top chefs, a children's cookery school and a cake and bake theatre.

This year there will be some new tents: a Feasting Tent at the heart of the festival as the social hub; the new Real Ale and Cider Farm where chilling out on hay bales and striking up a conversation with our beer and cider expert Melissa Cole; a new Chilli Food Market for those with a love for spicy foods with a range of chilli growers and artisan producers of sauces, sweets and jams; and a Vintage Tea Tent that will hold daily tea dances, alongside a Vintage Kitchen Market.

If the mere thought of all makes you hungry then you can head to the restaurant tents where you can sample signature dishes from well-known restaurants.

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08 Aug

The Tower of London bleeds withthousands of red poppies

The Tower of London bleeds withthousands of red poppies

To mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, a huge art installation has been unveiled in the moat of the Tower of London.

Artist Paul Cummins created more than 800.000 red ceramic poppies that represent every single soldier from the UK and the colonies, who fell during the First World War, fighting in the British Army.

In Great Britain and parts of the Commonwealth, the red poppy has been used as a symbol for the fallen of the war since 1920. The inspiration of this commemoration came from the poem In Flanders Fields, written by the Canadian physician John McCrae serving as Lieutenant Colonel during WWI.

The installation, called “Blood Swept Lands and Seas Of Red” will grow, adding more and more poppies until the 11th of November, Armistice Day.  

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01 Aug

London rents higher than ever

For the first time in its history, a research has revealed that rents in London are twice higher than in the rest of the country.

The study found that the average rents in UK has grown up by 6.3 per cent this year and now reach £862 a month.

But the important fact to remember is that if you separate London and the rest of UK, the average rent is £1,412 in London compared to £694 in the rest of the country, which is more than the double.

Martin Totty, chief executive of parent company Barbon Insurance Group, said: “Although average incomes have also been rising, there are parts of the country where we are seeing affordability getting tighter. As a rule of thumb, for a rental property to be affordable, a tenant’s gross income must be at least two-and-a-half times his or her annual rent. Our data shows that rents in London have pushed beyond that boundary”

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18 Jul

London is recovering from the economic crisis

It is the only part of UK that has returned to pre-recession levels of job creation.

Outer London, the South-east and East have recovered since the crash but job starts are still 11%, 16% and 21% below pre-recession levels.

Although this is good news, it is true that many jobs are temporary, and hiring rates for young people have declined considerably.

As a solution, a report encourages targeted employment support programmes, such as a job guarantee for any young person out of work for at least six months, identifying low skills as a reason to provide more intensive employment support and establishing bodies in each industrial sector so government, unions and employers can work together to identify skills gaps and promote workplace standards and fair pay.

Paul Bivand, the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion’s associate director said: “Our concern is inclusion. It isn’t just our name. Employment growth should help close gaps in our society. […] We want all areas and groups to benefit. We need to close gaps.”

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11 Jul

Thames Bridge could be redesigned for £40m

Wandsworth Council approved last Monday some plans including a competition concerning architects from all over the world to design a new bridge. The exact location is not known yet, although there is a high probability to be built near the new US Embassy.

Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council and co-chair of the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, said: “This Bridge has the potential to become a powerful icon for the revival of Nine Elms which will help us bring new life, jobs and homes to this underused part of London. […]”

The bridge and other transport improvements will be funded from private Nine Elms developments and from growth in local business rates income. 

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04 Jul

Lidl to create 2,500 UK jobs

Lidl, the German supermarket chain, continues to extend its expansion in the UK market. The company plans to create 2,500 new jobs through an investment of 220€ million. Currently, Lidl has 600 outlets in the UK and has set a goal for the coming years, reaching 1,500.

The company will create different jobs, based in Wimbledon and at the various stores around the country.

The company hopes that people realize that you can get big savings on their weekly shopping without losing quality.

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27 Jun

Bridges exhibition in the Museum of London Docklands

What would be London without its famous bridges?

With 35 bridges in the England’s capital, they represent emblems. Indeed, bridges do more than transport people from North Bank to South Bank; for example Tower Bridge is an integral symbol in the capital.

London’s Tower Bridge will celebrate its 120th anniversary this summer and the Museum of London Docklands will host its largest exhibition from the 27th of June to the 4th of November, 2014. According to this exhibition, London would not have existed without these bridges, and will show this fact through paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and films.

You can see the works of best vista of London. David Spence, the director of the museum has said “these places give you a completely different definition of whats it’s like to be in the centre of a city that you don’t get anywhere else”.

So let’s visit this free exhibition from the 27th June.

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20 Jun

Visiting the zoo in London

The summer is here and it is time to go out. The zoo can be a good solution for hanging out between friends, couples or with the family.

London Zoo, also called Regent’s Zoo, is one of the oldest zoos in the world, that opened in 1828. With more than 15 hectares, around 20,000 animals are there with 750 different species, of which a hundred are endangered species. This zoo participates in one program of research and conservation of endangered species. A reptile house, an aquarium, an insectarium and all usual animals are there, so everybody will be happy.

If you want to visit, go to the Regent’s Park. The entry price is 24£ for adult and 17.50£ for child (free for under 3 years old). You can check the official website of the zoo to have more information.

The “Zoo Lates” takes place every Friday in June and July, which is a kind of festival with visitors dressed up in animals. This event is for people over 18 years old, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

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12 Jun

Special offer June 2014

Thinking about a work experience in London?

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06 Jun

Trooping the Colour: The Queen’s Birthday Parade

“Trooping the Colour”, also known as “The Queen’s Birthday Parade” will take place in London, on the Saturday 14th of June.

In spite of the fact that the Queen’s birthday is the 21st of April, the ceremony takes place in June to be luckier to have a sunny weather.

Performed by the British and Commonwealth armies, this event comes from tradition of the 17th Century, when regiment’s colours were used as rallying points.

The ceremony will be on the big place Horse Guards Parade where the Royal Family will be present. At 11 o’clock, you can be present at the Queen’s arrival and to the Royal salute.

If you are not able to come the 14th of June, you can attend to the repetition, named “the Major General’s Review” the previous Saturday. 

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