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23 Jan

Tony Pulis, a crazy challenge for a caritative cause

Tony Pulis, the manager of West Bromwich Albion just announced yesterday that his new challenge (after the challenge of keeping WBA in Premier League) would be to join Paris from London by rowing.

The manager is not at his first sportive try, by the past he used to climb Kilimandjaro, to ride between John O'Groats and Lands End (970 km) and also he finished two marathons.

He won’t be alone on his new challenge, a lot of British sportsmen already accepted to join him and to help him.

The money that this challenge will earn will be given to the charity association: Donna Louise that helps children in the hospitals.

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16 Jan

Game of Thrones Exhibition

Fans of the series will be pleased to know that the Exhibition of Game of Thrones will return for the third year in a row to allow fans to check out more than 70 pieces of costumes, weapons and props from the series.

The exhibition will be held at the O2 Arena in London and is the first step of the GoT Exhibition worldwide tour. The next destinations will be Tel Aviv, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.

In London, fans will be able to visit the exhibition on Feb 9 -12 and Feb 15 – 17. The exhibition will include everything from House banners to swords, jewellery to a replica of the Iron Throne.

Can’t wait for the fifth season of GoT? Certain items from this season will be on display during the exhibition!

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09 Jan

More Graduates than ever

As we told you a few weeks ago, London is the most attractive city for workers in the world. But it’s not just that, London has also the highest proportion of employed graduates than any other major city in the world!

In fact, 53% of London’s workforces are graduate workers, which contrast with the proportion of the 26% in the UK’s Workforce 10 years ago. London is far ahead others cities like Paris with a percentage of 41% and Berlin with 37%.

Most attractive city for workers only? Of course not, London is also attracting more international students than every other city in the world. Regarding the latest figures, almost 100,000 foreign students come to London in order to study every year, compared to the 95,000 for Paris or 60,000 for New York!

Interested in studying in London? You already know where you can find your accommodation!

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28 Nov

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2014

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has opened last weekend and will stay in the Park for five more weeks. It’s open every day from 10am to 10pm until 4th January.

There will be a huge collection of amazing rides, ice-skating and the chance to visit Santa's Grotto. Of course, you will also be able to find some seasonal food and drink. This event is made for families, so don’t hesitate to call your relatives and go there together!

The admission to go to Winter Wonderland is free, you’ll just have to pay for the attractions you wish to use. You’ll be able to buy the tickets and learn more about the Winter Wonderland Event on the official website.

NB: Advance booking is highly recommended as attraction tickets sell out, especially at weekends and evenings.

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25 Nov

London and Paris closer than ever

By the end of next year, travellers will be able to make the 306-mile trip to Paris through the Channel Tunnel in just two hours, thanks to a 320kph (200mph) state-of-the-art train.

In fact, the German firm Siemens has sold to Eurostar 10 new e320s trains which are able to run at speeds up to 320kph. That means that travellers between both cities of Paris and London will spend 20minutes less than before in the train. The 2 capitals are now less than 2 hours away!

This year is also the 20th anniversary of the start of Eurostar services since it began in November 1994. That’s why, Eurostar has decided to launch its new trains by the end of 2015.

Originally 2h 50min, the length of travel of London to Paris journey continues to decline and it seems to go further on that way. London-Paris in one hours? Maybe in 20 years!

You’ll find more information on the video

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20 Nov

EazyCity London Christmas and NYE Special Offers!

EazyCity London Christmas and NYE Special Offers!

The EazyCity Team has many Christmas Special Offers for you this year in London...

Have a look to our poster here!

Are you planning to stay in town just for a couple of nights? Your friends / family are coming over to visit you and they don’t have a place to stay?

Check out our SHORT-TERM Accommodation Christmas and NYE special offers in Cork, Dublin and London here!

What are you waiting for? Contact us for more info and booking:

The offers are valid for all December 2014… it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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14 Nov

New Attraction in London: The WOW Project

Even if you’ve already visited Tower Bridge in London, you’ll also be obliged to take a look to the London’s newest tourist attraction. In fact, the new glass floor in the upper walkways of Tower Bridge was unveiled on Monday, November 10th.

The glass walkway is 11m long and 1.8m wide and enables visitors to have a new perspective on London’s river and to view traffic passing over the bridge.

The walkway, called “the wow project’ while it was still under construction, was evolved in consultation with English Heritage. For the moment, only the west walkway opened on Monday. We will have to wait until December 1st to also see the east walkway.

This is the most significant change to the structure since the opening of its exhibition centre in 1982. Do you dare miss it?

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07 Nov

New London Living Wage

A new London Living Wage rate of £9.15 an hour has been decided by the government. The wage will in fact increase and reach £9.15. That means that it will increase by 35p in order to tackle the problem of the increasing cost of life in the capital.

For the moment, more than 400 companies have signed the voluntary scheme and about 634,000 people employed in London earned less than the new rate in 2013, a report by KPMG estimates.

According to TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady "It is now time for all responsible employers to commit to adopting this standard, which enables workers to earn just enough to be able to live a decent life."

It’s also important to notice that the National minimum Wage in UK is £6,50 an hour for people aged 21 or over which once again demonstrates the different way of life between London and the rest of the UK.

It’s time for you to ask for one of our Job plan packages!

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31 Oct

The Lord Mayor’s Show London

The Lord Mayor's Show is one of the best-known annual events in London as well as one of the longest-established, dating back to the 16th century. Don’t miss this event!

In 2014 the Lord Mayor's show will take place on Saturday November 8. Originally, it was the occasion for the Lord Mayor to swear an oath of loyalty to King John. The Lord Mayor's Show is now centred on a street parade which in its modern form is a combination of traditional British pageantry and elements of carnival.

Every Year, around half a million people gather to watch the celebrations, which traditionally end with a spectacular fireworks display over the Thames. The starting point will be at Mansion House at 11am. Everybody will be welcomed to attend to this show.

You will find more information on the official website of the event. Keep calm and swear oath to the King (or Queen) J

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24 Oct

The famous London telephone box change the colour

From now walk in London and find that some of its famous cabin has changed colour will become commonplace. Green and known as "SolarBox" is initiative will allow pedestrians in London recharge several electronic devices.

"The purpose is to rescue these Londoners icons of neglect and vandalism, and do something constructive with them," were the words of Kirsty Kenney, one of the co-founder and creator of this project. Green telephone boxes have solar panels that provide clean power for cameras, phones, tablets ... etc. The costs are covered through advertising installed in the telephone boxes, where up to four different companies advertise. There is a spot reserved for non-profit organizations.

The cabins are locked to prevent misuse and damage every day from midnight to 5:30 am. The busiest telephone box is located in subway exit to Tottenham Court Road, used daily by an average of 80 people.

Are you traveling to London soon? Do not forget to take a picture with the new green telephone box!

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